Chain reaction! Part one..

My life was quite boring last few years. I don’t blame anybody, only myself really. It is my life, I’m responsible for it. I wanted a lot, but I didn’t do. But fortunately, I’m still young and also the one who could change this. And I did! 😀

Sometimes I’m looking at my own life like a second person from above. I see myself arranging everything; I feel all different kind of emotions and see how I and my environment react on this and my choices. But sometimes a situation change completely and unexpected. That’s making my life and everything around it much more interesting. But where did this chan start?

I particular say the word interesting. Because some situations are also for me very surprising. It is strange how a life can change so much within such a short period of time. Six months ago, I could and would not expect that my life would be like this in the future. How could I know? I would not believe it if you told me this, in that time!

It is a chain reaction from choices, situations, places, people, thoughts and acts.
And I’m not the only one who’s responsible for it. Everybody who I ever met in my life, is too. People I know good or less, people I don’t know at all and whom who don’t know me or know that they are a very important part of my choices too. Everybody who ever was a (big or small) part in my life, brought me on this place. Maybe without even knowing it 😀 Wauw.

Like my decision to move to Türkiye. I guess the biggest decision in my life. If I think what all happened before I made the decision. That’s really interesting! (For me though) And you can go backward to the past as far as you want with it and make it as complex and detailed as you want. You can make a chart of it! 😀 (Hey that’s a good idea :P)

Like this:
If I wasn’t born.. (no I’m kidding :P)

Okay. First I have to think what brought me here. What is a important decision in my life? I can start when I was 14 I guess. I will give some history of my life:

I left my home when I was very young. 14. The reason of leaving my home at this age doesn’t matter. But, what does matter is that I started to live with my first real boyfriend. He lived at that time at home with his parents.
We were together for a couple of years (I guess a long time for first real boyfriend and for this age, but we stayed together for 5 years or so) In this time I went to school and had a several of jobs. I mention this part of my life because it is important for my choices but you will understand later.

At the end of our relationship, I started to work at the financial department of a cable company. There I met my new boyfriend (now ex) were I had my second long relationship with. I started to develop myself more and more, and wanted to do more in my life. Already on the young age of 14/15 I knew that I wanted to travel and see more of the world. But in my second relationship this wish really started to grow. I only didn’t do anything with really. But the reasons are again not important.

However. After the financial department job, I did some other jobs. Catering, nursing, working with older people and with kids..all nice jobs where I learned a lot but not for-ever-jobs. I wanted to do something completely else. A job where I wanted to stay longer then a few weeks or months.

Before I tell more, I want to tell something else first, because here starts an other part of the chain reaction which is also very important :) It’s about Anna.

Anna is my best friend for years now. I’m almost 25, and know Anna already 11 years. Thats quite some time you know!

Somewhere in the time we know each other we become angry at each other and lost each other out of sight for a few years. But she always stayed in my head. I could not forget her!

Few years after loosing contact with her, I decided some day to look for another job. (yeah, again, I stoped counting haha) I felt so bored in the jobs I did, so I really wanted to do something else.. I found one at Adobe Software in Amsterdam on the sales department. They told me that I was perfect for the job, except for one thing. Something that was SO important and Such a problem for me at that time. The English language. The management in this company was English. But my English was really bad. I barely could speak or write it! (Yeah, I could introduce myself)

So, we made a deal. I could come, but at one condition: That I learned the English language in ONE month. If it was good enough to speak to English customers after this month, I could stay. If not… they would fire me! And if you know me, you know this deal was a fun and interesting challenge for me. It was that difference were I was looking for in that time. So of course I took the job!

At that time I had some contact again with Anna on MSN after a few years of no contact. I told her that I would put in for a Sales job at Adobe Software. Strange about it was (I’m sure it was destiny that she was also working there! One month later my English was good enough to stay, and we became colleagues and were sitting next to each other. Our friendship revived and we became really good friends again 😀

And now I want to go back to the beginning of the chain again. Do you still follow me? 😉

If I didn’t went to the school were Anna was, I would never met her. If I didn’t had that first boyfriend, I maybe never ever did all the jobs I had. I would not have the financial department job because my interests and opportunities would be totally different. I would never met my second boyfriend over there, I would not start at Adobe Software.. Maybe because I I didn’t thought it was a challenge to turn up my English language and it would be less interesting to me, if I didn’t knew Anna was working there! If I didn’t knew that, I maybe never met Anna for the second time again. She maybe never becomes a good friend of me again. And this is something really important in this chain.

After a while, I guess it was a year or so she didn’t like the job anymore and applied for another job at the lawyers office we work now for. I didn’t like my job at the sales department either caused of bad management, but also because Anna left. So. A few months later I also left Adobe and became again Anna’s colleague at the lawyers office.

If Anna not went to the lawyers office, I would not go too. Our friendship maybe didn’t get time enough to grow. After a while she started to ask me to go on vacation with her. If she didn’t had the chance to ask me that… I maybe never went to Türkiye. (Or if so, maybe to other places and so on) I didn’t really think about vacation, but Anna maintained and convinced me after a while :) But if not, we would not look at the Jiba website to which country we would go. Then I also would not choose hotel Turquoise (which we chose because turquoise is my favorite color and because it is evaluated really good by other customers from the hotel).

…more coming soon. I really have to think about this to write it correct haha..

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