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Gee en Sinan

I started my weblog at waarbenjij.nu, which is a travel website for Dutch members. But I started to miss some functions so after a few years I decided to build my own website.

I love to write so I share my stories on this website. About my life in Turkey but about actualities as well. Photography is a passion so I intend to post pictures regularly.

What else can you find? I share important information for expat in Turkey, information about our dive center and about the beautiful country that I live in since 2009. (Oh boy time goes fast)

Would you like to respond on my messages? Please feel free to do so! You can leave a reply with your Facebook or Twitter account but this is not obligated.

This website is almost completely written in Dutch but when I have time I translate everything into English. As you might have seen, my English isn’t perfect so if you see some text that could be written in a better way, please let me know via e-mail :)

Many greetings, Jazz

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